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Why Steam Cleaning Is Best for Cleaning Carpets

Removing dirt, dust particles, bacteria and allergens is what is aimed through different carpet cleaning procedures but all are not equally effective. Some procedures are more effective than others and the difference lies in the degree of removal of dirt and debris from carpets. Some of the cleaning procedures like vacuuming can remove dirt and dust particles that adhere to the carpet surface up to a certain depth but it cannot reach to the bottom layers where many harmful pollutants find its place. Another problem is that some kinds of dust and dirt particles cling so stubbornly to the carpet fibres that it is almost impossible to remove by vacuum cleaners. All these cleaning challenges are well answered by the wet method of carpet cleaning which is known as hot extraction method or steam cleaning. So before hiring a professional cleaning company, you should always check carpet cleaning Adelaide reviews on Internet.


Why is regular cleaning necessary?

Indoor pollutants are almost hundred times more than what is found outdoors and is the prime reason for regular carpet cleaning. Another interesting fact is that we spend almost 90 percent of our times in places that have carpets as floor covering. Therefore, despite the limitations of vacuuming, regular carpet cleaning is necessary to reduce the load of dirt and dust particles that accumulate in carpets. This means the possibilities of health problems are kept at minimum by regular vacuuming. But for complete cleaning from the deepest levels, you have to seek professional carpet cleaning solutions especially steam cleaning that cleans and sanitizes carpets at the same time. This is the reason why this method is recommended by all carpet cleaners.



Shampoo cleaning

Shampoo treatment of carpets is a kind of quick fix solution that cleans carpets but not thoroughly. Use of detergents breakdown many kinds dirt particles that would not be easily removed by dry vacuuming. But this process can remove only light and small stains and give refreshing looks to carpets quickly without being able to achieve intense cleaning from the lowest depths of carpets that is required for maintaining good health of inhabitants. Apart from shampoo, variety of carpet and mattress cleaning products are used by professional cleaning companies.


Steam cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning Adelaide is most effective among all other carpet cleaning methods because it removes all kinds of dust and dirt particles from the most remote corners of carpets. The reach and intensity of this cleaning process is so far and wide that it can be termed as the most exhaustive cleaning process for carpets.  Streams of hot water are forced upon the carpet fibres that loosen the build-up of debris which is then removed by vacuuming. The high temperature of hot water kills any bacteria, germs and removes other toxins effectively. There is provision for controlling the level of moisture so that carpet fibres do not get damaged. Excess water is removed during the process of vacuuming that follows and it also removes all dirt and dust that have been bombarded with steam and hot water. Use of steam and hot water ensures that the colour of the carpet fibres remain intact as there are no chances of discoloration that  can happen when cleaning agents are used. The process uses minimum chemicals and leaves no harmful residues after cleaning.

Post by carpetcleaningresources (2015-08-24 21:46)

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