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Tips for Selecting a Carpet Cleaning Company That Is Right for You

Carpet Cleaning - Hotfrog is one of the best places to go when you are searching for professional carpet cleaning services online. No matter wherever you are located, the Hotfrog website can provide a list of professional carpet cleaning companies in your area. Your carpets are one of your valuable assets that display your tastes and style and you would definitely entrust the best carpet cleaning company in maintaining the cleanliness of your carpets while adding to its longevity. Know about the way you should approach these companies to facilitate the selection the most appropriate carpet cleaning company. Considering the following parameters would enable you to do the right selection.

Cleaning time

There are basically two methods of carpet cleaning – wet and dry. While the dry method is a quicker process, it does not allow thorough cleaning that is possible only by the wet method which is popularly known as steam cleaning. In case you go for the wet method of cleaning, you would definitely be interested to get your cleaned carpets restored in the shortest possible time.  Talk to the carpet cleaning company to know about their cleaning method with emphasis on how quickly the carpet can be dried and put back to service. The sooner the carpet can be re-laid the better it is.

Prompt service

While carpet cleaning can be planned in advance, there will be emergencies arising from spillages and other incidents of carpet wetting that need immediate attention and demands quick action. Delay in responding to such situations can damage carpets. Therefore, evaluate the turnaround time of carpet cleaning companies from the time you log a call with them. Carpet cleaning companies can be contacted over phone or when you log on to their website you see the instruction click the link below that can initiate a service call. Promptness of service matters a lot.

Certified professionals

Check that the company has professionals and technicians who are duly trained and accredited by an institute like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration that lends a lot of credence about the ability of the company.  This would ensure that the company adheres to the latest standards of cleaning and follow the best practices of the industry.

Green technology

A lot of importance is being attached nowadays to green technology in carpet cleaning. Many of the cleaning agents that are used contain harmful chemicals that can have adverse effects on human health and the environment. When selecting a carpet cleaning company make sure that they use cleaning agents that are environment friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Best equipments

Only when you become sure that the company that you select uses the best equipments should you proceed to get a quotation by clicking on the get your quote here button on the website. After all, you want quality work to be done in as short time.

In addition, check for service guarantee that will give you the satisfaction of having made the right selection of the carpet cleaning company that can do justice to your carpet cleaning needs.

Post by carpetcleaningresources (2015-09-23 16:14)

Tags: carpet cleaning carpet cleaning company carpet cleaning tips

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Qualities to Look for in a Professional Cleaner!

People are looking for upholstery cleaners Adelaide to remodel their house by getting rid of unnecsaety dirt and grime. Every cleaning company should keep their cleaning standards high with all the clients. This will ensure them to have extended client base all over Adelaide. It should be a mission of very professional cleaner to ensure that the client is 100% satisfied with their work. A good professional carpet cleaning services Adelaide needs to be consistent with their premium quality of work. It is a mistake on part of cleaning companies to become complacent over time. This will leave you with dissatisfied clients as your customer would want you to leave their home spotlessly clean. It is the duty of good cleaner to live up to the expectations of the client. Qualities of a good professional expert are:


You should be confident and proud about your cleaning services. Of course if you are not sure about your services you can definitely not please the client. As such be confident about providing premium quality service to your client to be counted among renowned upholstery cleaners Adelaide.

Be attentive to clients cleaning needs

It is very necessary for a good leaner to understand the difference between looking clean and being actually clean. A professional cleaner will definitely be able to see the things which the customers can’t see. You need to make the customer understand the importance of cleaning.

Keep Honesty in your relation with the client

It is highly necessary to be incident-free so that you can make a name among reputed upholstery cleaners Adelaide. In case of any accident that occurs on the cleaning site, it is advisable that you immediately report it to your client. This will help you resolve the situation quickly in a hassle-free manner. You should fix the situation without fuss so that the customer gets to have a pleasant cleaning experience with your company.

Act confidential

Even in case you come across certain information of the client while providing cleaning services. It is advisable that the information should not leave the premises of the client. You should never leak out your client’s information outside. It is also advisable intentional eavesdropping should not be practised. Be focussed with the cleaning details of the client instead of snooping around in the house.

Be punctual

It’s very necessary that you not only provide premium services to the client but it should also be within a speculated time. To be punctual, it is mandatory that you organise your cleaning schedule effectively. In case you need extra time to provide specialized cleaning, it is advisable that you discuss it with your client and then go ahead with the plan.

Be lively during cleaning

To make you work enjoyable, try creating humour using your wit. Even in situations which are unpleasant, it will be your humour that can make it lively.

Try being patient

It is known that cleaning is an exhausting work. So when you get into it, get into it with all your enthusiasm to make your client happy. Do not get irritated or annoyed with the cleaning specifications of the client.

These are some of the qualities which every professional cleaner should possess. 

Post by carpetcleaningresources (2015-09-09 05:57)

Tags: Professional Cleaner Carpet Cleaner Upholstery Cleaner

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Carpets Cleaning Experts – Reasons to Hire Them

No matter where you live if you have carpets at home, it is important for you to hire carpets cleaning experts for the task. Many homeowners tend to ignore the importance of cleaning their carpets mainly because of the price. What they fail to understand is that carpets have to be cleaned not only for extending its lifespan but also for the health and well-being of the family.

Regular steam cleaning carpets make a lot of difference to the looks of the carpet. If you overlook this part of housekeeping, you will not only damage the fibers of the carpet but also the health of your family. Carpets attract a lot of dirt and dust. They tend to get stained easily as well. The grime and the dirt of the carpet are often brought in by the shoes of the occupants in the house. If you wear slippers at home, this too affects the carpet and makes it unclean as well.

If you leave the carpet dirty and unclean, it will become a potential breeding ground for dust mites. Many of us are not aware of the fact that dust mites are the main cause for asthma. If you have pets at home, a dirty carpet may also be the breeding ground for ticks and fleas. Your pets will carry them around the home. Moreover, the urine and the faces of pets tend to cause stains on the carpets. If you do not address them immediately, this becomes a potential health hazard for everyone living in the home.

It is very important for you to clean carpets daily with a vacuum cleaner. This will at least keep the surface dust at bay. However, when it comes to cleaning the deep grime and dirt rooted in the fibers of the carpet, it is very important for you to hire carpets cleaning services.

You will be happy to know that professional carpet cleaners Adelaide are not expensive. They do give you affordable packages for carpet cleaning. The best part of hiring them is that they will give you release you from the hassles of cleaning the carpets yourself. They have special machines and cleaning detergents to do the job for you. They will spray the carpets with the cleaning solution and make it free from any stains. They will also brush the carpets with hot water taken from extraction machines. They are trained and they are able to remove dirt from even heavily soiled carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning are the most preferred methods for removing dirt and grime from the carpet. Moreover, the cleaners will clean your carpet on the same day. You do not have to worry about hanging the carpet to dry. When you are hiring carpets cleaning services, it is very important for you to ensure you hire reliable services that give you good quality and value for money. A thorough research and comparison on the internet will help you greatly in the task to get the right carpet cleaners for your home with success!

Post by carpetcleaningresources (2015-08-27 17:14)

Tags: Carpets Cleaning Carpets Cleaning Services

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Hire the Pros for Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide

There are many people who are now making the smart choice of hiring professionals when it comes to carpet cleaners in Adelaide. They save themselves precious time and energy when it comes to keeping their carpets spick and span. The carpet cleaning companies in Adelaide have professional and skilled experts that do the job for you. This means you do not have to hire a carpet cleaning machine, buy products and tediously clean the carpets. This job can be outsourced to trained and friendly professionals who will do the job for you willingly at affordable rates! Before hiring you can always check carpet cleaning Adelaide reviews on the Internet.

Now, if you are laying new carpets that are expensive, you can also avail best carpet cleaning services from Adelaide cleaning professionals. They will ensure that the carpets are laid out right. This will make the room look appealing. This gives you the functionality you need and the carpet will be laid out correctly. With the aid of these carpet cleaners in Adelaide, you will get valuable tips on how to maintain your carpet and reduce costs. At the same time, they will teach you simple tips and tricks on how to clean the carpets daily. They will show you how to vacuum clean the carpets so that you do not have dirt and soil on them. The correct procedure should be used on the carpets you buy. It is wise and prudent for you to go in for regular spot removal if you wish to maintain your carpets for a longer period.

When you are laying your carpets and wish them to last long, you should not keep them in places where there is water and chemicals. This will spoil the condition of your carpets and cause them to damage fast. It is prudent for you to ensure that you keep an underlay when you are laying carpets that are exposed to sensitive areas. When you are laying your carpets, ensure that you should place them near the kitchen and entrance to buildings. This will increase the costs of carpet cleaning and maintenance. It is prudent for you to ensure that you keep the carpets in a special place where dirt and grime is less. You have the choice to stop the soiling on the carpet by placing walking mats near the entrance of your home. This will help people to wipe their shoes and enter your home. The dirt, dust and grime will be less on your carpets.

When you are hiring professionals for carpet cleaning in Adelaide, it is very important for you to check their credentials and track records. This will help you in a large manner to get the best care and maintenance for your carpet without hassles at all. Regular maintenance and care will prolong the life of your carpet and at the same time make it look brand new. The carpet should be cleaned often if you want it to look great. This is why you should only hire pros for the job!

Post by carpetcleaningresources (2015-08-26 11:48)

Tags: Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide Carpet Cleaning Services

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Instant Stain Removers Before You Call in the Carpet Cleaning Experts

Old carpets accumulate stains and will appear gloomy and dull regardless of how clean you keep your house. Everyone knows the regular carpet cleaning removes stains and brightens carpets. There are plenty of carpet cleaning agents and stain removers that contain harsh chemical substances and emit strong odours in the market. However, these products do more harm than good to your carpet. On other hand, certain household products or carpet stain remover DIY that can do the job just as efficiently and help you save money. The six most effective household stain removers for carpets are as follows:   

  1. Beer

Are you finding it difficult to remove stubborn coffee and tea stains from your precious carpet? Think again. By simply rubbing beer lightly on the material of the carpet removes the toughest tea and coffee stains.  You can repeat the process to remove all traces of the stain. This is a good carpet stain remover.

  1. Ammonia

Ammonia is an excellent household stain remover to get tough and stubborn stains from your carpet and upholstery. Just add one cup of ammonia to two litres of water and mix the solution. Use a clean cloth to wipe the stain from your carpet completely.

  1. Vinegar

Many people consider vinegar to be the superhero of stain removers for carpets and upholstery. Vinegar can be used to remove a number of common household stains on carpets. For removing light carpet stains, rub two teaspoons full of salt with half a cup of white vinegar on the carpet stain. Let the solution dry for a while and vacuum the carpet. For removing tougher carpet stains, simply add two tablespoons of borax to the same solution and repeat the process. For removing stubborn ground-in dirt and grime from carpets, make a paste of one teaspoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of cornstarch and rub the paste on the stain. Let it on the carpet for two days and the vacuum the carpet.

  1. Shaving Cream

For removing oil and grease stains for carpets, simply work the shaving cream onto the stain and let it dry. Afterwards, use a clean damp cloth to rub off the stain. For removing juice stains from carpets, blot the stain and pat it with a wet cloth. Squirt some shaving cream on the stain and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

  1. Cornstarch

Removing ink and stains from carpets may not be as difficult as you think. Just add milk to cornstarch and make a paste. Add the paste to the ink stain and allow the concoction to dry for a few hours. Brush off the dried residue and vacuum it. Cornstarch is also good for oil and grease stains.

  1. Salt

You needn’t panic if there is a red wine spill on your carpet. While the wine is still wet just pour some white wine to dilute the colour. Clean the area with a clean sponge and cold water. Afterwards sprinkle the area with some salt and leave it for ten minutes. After ten minutes vacuum the affected area to remove the stain. For greasy food stains, make a mixture of one part salt, and four parts alcohol. Rub the mixture hard on the affected area. Let it dry and then vacuum the stain. Salt is also good at removing ketchup spill before it dries. Just sprinkle salt over the spill and wait for a few minutes. Besides household cleaning products, do some well research on the Internet about carpet cleaning Adelaide deals.

The household carpet stain remover remedies are both cost effective and help you remove common carpets stain without damaging your carpet. However, for stubborn stains, always call professionals. 

Post by carpetcleaningresources (2015-08-25 21:08)

Tags: Carpet Stain Removers Carpet Stain Remover Tips Homemade Carpet Stain Remover Products

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Why Steam Cleaning Is Best for Cleaning Carpets

Removing dirt, dust particles, bacteria and allergens is what is aimed through different carpet cleaning procedures but all are not equally effective. Some procedures are more effective than others and the difference lies in the degree of removal of dirt and debris from carpets. Some of the cleaning procedures like vacuuming can remove dirt and dust particles that adhere to the carpet surface up to a certain depth but it cannot reach to the bottom layers where many harmful pollutants find its place. Another problem is that some kinds of dust and dirt particles cling so stubbornly to the carpet fibres that it is almost impossible to remove by vacuum cleaners. All these cleaning challenges are well answered by the wet method of carpet cleaning which is known as hot extraction method or steam cleaning. So before hiring a professional cleaning company, you should always check carpet cleaning Adelaide reviews on Internet.


Why is regular cleaning necessary?

Indoor pollutants are almost hundred times more than what is found outdoors and is the prime reason for regular carpet cleaning. Another interesting fact is that we spend almost 90 percent of our times in places that have carpets as floor covering. Therefore, despite the limitations of vacuuming, regular carpet cleaning is necessary to reduce the load of dirt and dust particles that accumulate in carpets. This means the possibilities of health problems are kept at minimum by regular vacuuming. But for complete cleaning from the deepest levels, you have to seek professional carpet cleaning solutions especially steam cleaning that cleans and sanitizes carpets at the same time. This is the reason why this method is recommended by all carpet cleaners.



Shampoo cleaning

Shampoo treatment of carpets is a kind of quick fix solution that cleans carpets but not thoroughly. Use of detergents breakdown many kinds dirt particles that would not be easily removed by dry vacuuming. But this process can remove only light and small stains and give refreshing looks to carpets quickly without being able to achieve intense cleaning from the lowest depths of carpets that is required for maintaining good health of inhabitants. Apart from shampoo, variety of carpet and mattress cleaning products are used by professional cleaning companies.


Steam cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning Adelaide is most effective among all other carpet cleaning methods because it removes all kinds of dust and dirt particles from the most remote corners of carpets. The reach and intensity of this cleaning process is so far and wide that it can be termed as the most exhaustive cleaning process for carpets.  Streams of hot water are forced upon the carpet fibres that loosen the build-up of debris which is then removed by vacuuming. The high temperature of hot water kills any bacteria, germs and removes other toxins effectively. There is provision for controlling the level of moisture so that carpet fibres do not get damaged. Excess water is removed during the process of vacuuming that follows and it also removes all dirt and dust that have been bombarded with steam and hot water. Use of steam and hot water ensures that the colour of the carpet fibres remain intact as there are no chances of discoloration that  can happen when cleaning agents are used. The process uses minimum chemicals and leaves no harmful residues after cleaning.

Post by carpetcleaningresources (2015-08-24 21:46)

Tags: carpets cleaning steam carpets cleaning

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Easy Floor Tile Cleaning Tips

If you are a homeowner, regular tile and grout cleaning is very essential. This will make the floors clean and safe. If you keep dirty tiles, they will be the breeding ground for dirt, bacteria, fungi and mould. It is important to have a regular routine and call in professional tile cleaning companies to do the job for you. However, you too should clean tile floor daily if you really want your tiles floor to look good and clean. The following are some important tile cleaning tips for you and your home-

  •   When you are cleaning your tiles, ensure you always use top quality cleaning solutions and disinfectants. There are light cleaners like baking soda and vinegar that will stop the marks and stains from setting in. You can use them for spot removal as well.
  •   When you are cleaning tiles, it is important for you to always sue the right tools. You need hard brushes and damp cloths to remove the stains, mould, and mildew that collect on the floor. Coupled with the top quality cleaning solution you use, the dirt and other stubborn stains will be removed easily.
  •   For damaged tiles and grout, always hire a professional to repair and fix it. This will clean the floor an easy job. Moreover, chipping of the floor will also be prevented if you address the issue early.
  •   When you are cleaning tiles, ensure you use a vacuum cleaner coupled with a hot water solution. This should be done once at least every week.
  •   If you are addressing stubborn and hard stains, you can hire professionals to do the job for you. When they come over to clean the tiles, notice what they do to get rid of the stain. From them you can learn how to prevent and remove the stains from setting in and keeping your floor spick and span.
  •   If you are addressing ceramic tiles, ensure that they are soaked first with the grout cleaner. This will make the cleaning process simple for you.
  •   If you are cleaning the tile yourself, it is important for you to wear protective gear like gloves so that your hands do not burn if they come into contact with the cleaning solution.

The above floor tile cleaning tips can be done by you regularly in between the visits of professional tile and grout cleaners. You should also spray the floor with a cleaning solution to prevent the growth of mould and mildew. With the aid of these simple floor tile cleaning tips, you effectively are able to prevent spot and staining on your floor. Moreover, when you are selecting professional tile and grout cleaning services, ensure you check their credentials and read their customer reviews. Good tile and grout professionals will not only come down to your premises to clean your home, they will also give you easy and simple tile cleaning maintenance tips to ensure your tiles are sparkling and smelling fresh all day!

Post by carpetcleaningresources (2015-08-20 20:02)

Tags: Tile Cleaning Tile Cleaning Tips Tile Cleaning Services

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Products Used for Upholstery Cleaning

If you want to go for upholstery cleaning on your own, you need to know about the various products used in the cleaning process. It is every man’s desire to have clean domestic space. However to keep it sparkling clean, you need to undertake regular cleaning process. For intensive cleaning you can also seek for help from expert upholstery cleaning in Adelaide.

As the market is flooded with myriad products and equipments used in the cleaning process, it is difficult to decide on the appropriate one. However depending on your upholstery fabric you can make the choice to get clean upholstery with zero damage. You should not rush in making the purchase as wrong choice might damage your pricey upholstery permanently.

Listed below are certain products used for effective upholstery cleaning

Carpet and upholstery cleaner

There are many upholstery cleaners that come in a squirt bottle with a trigger. It comes with easy to handle trigger therefore any one can use it. Mover you can apply as much is required. If you spray too much on a particular spot it might create water rings making your upholstery look unattractive. Moreover many upholstery cleaners are eco-friendly therefore it can be used even in homes where there are kids and pets. So all you need is a good cleaner for your upholstery to make it sparkly clean again.

Upholstery shampoo cleaner

Such kinds of upholstery cleaners come with a bristled brush which acts effectively on microfibers of the upholstery. This is very effective in taking out stubborn dirt and grime from your rich decorative furniture. However you should not rub it rigorously to get instant results. It is advisable to stay soft and gentle while scrubbing as not to cause any damage to the upholstery. Although upholstery shampoo cleaners act effectively on most of the fabrics but results may vary. Moreover it is advisable to go for sample fabric test with the cleansing solution to be on the safe side.

Coral upholstery cleaner

It is very widely used upholstery cleaner as it can remove any kind of stain without damaging your upholstery. Even tar and grime goes weak in front of coral blue cleansing solution. It comes with a very manageable scrubber to get rid of any kind of dirt build-up. It works in an incredible manner to give you fresh and clean homes.

Fabric protector foam

Another widely used cleaning agent for upholstery cleaning is foams. It has a deep foaming action that is ideal for removing tough stains. It also has certain additional qualities that can prevent future premature re-soiling of upholstery fabric. As such using foaming cleanser for upholstery cleaning will not only clean it but also protect it from future accidental damage.

Using good cleansing agents will restore the look of your rich upholstered furniture. A rejuvenated living space will give you positive vibes. As such you should treat upholstery cleaning as an important part of your cleansing routine. You can also take expert assistance for intensive cleaning services. Only an expert can guide you best to have properly cleaned homes without unnecessary damage to your upholstery. 

Post by carpetcleaningresources (2015-08-12 04:07)

Tags: Upholstery Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Products Upholstery Cleaning Tips

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Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

You can either rent a carpet cleaning machine or even hire a professional to have seasonal carpet cleaning. However the additional cost that you pay is worthwhile because there are many advantages which make carpet cleaning necessary. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning Adelaide is sensible because it will save your time and also give you superior quality cleaning service. Getting cleaning done from a professional prevents premature re-soiling.

Below are some of the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning agency:

Premium quality clearing solutions and certified machines are employed

There are many carpet cleaning agencies in the market that have certified services and products that will fetch you complete value for money. Even if u purchase a portable carpet cleaning machine it will not have suction as strong as the one used by professionals. Machines with strong suction are more capable of dragging out embedded dirt and remove stubborn marks than equipments that are less powerful. Households with pets or children should ask for eco-friendly carpet cleaning chemicals to avoid any kind of health hazards.

Powerful vacuum capacity

To get desired results professional cleaning companies have specified that proper vacuuming is necessary to take out embedded dirt before intensive carpet cleaning operations are undertaken. There are many dry contaminates like dust, food particles, hair and dirt that accumulate on the carpet surface over time. Therefore machines with high capacity industrial strength vacuum power is recommended.

Save yourself the strain

Offcourse we all know carpet cleaning is a tedious and back breaking process. Bringing out the entire furniture before cleaning is highly exhausting, therefore outsourcing is the best remedy out here. Even after the cleaning and drying of the carpets, the professional technicians will help you bring back the furniture in its position. Therefore you will be saving yourself the unnecessary harassment. Some companies do charge extra for relocation of the furniture so you must have proper talk with the cleaning company.

Have better air quality

Dust, grime and dirt do accumulate on the carpet over time affecting the quality of air that we breathe in. Areas with more traffic get dirt build up easily, requiring seasonal carpet cleaning to remove layers of dirt from underside of the carpet. This will considerably improve the air quality in your household making you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Saves time and effort

If you undertake the entire cleaning operation, then it will be too tedious and lengthy for you. This would also mean cordoning the living area and bedroom for few days. However taking help from a professional cleaning company gives you quality cleaning in very less time.


Professionals not only remove stains and dirt from your carpet but also ensure that your carpet stays protected from future damage and re-soiling. There are products that will protect your carpet from spills and stains.

Guarantee and security

A renowned and distinguished carpet cleaning company will definitely give you 100% work satisfaction matching up your expectations. Reputed companies also give a free-follow up in case of any complaints or issue with the cleaning service provided.

The range of benefits that professional carpet cleaning brings in justifies the need for outsourcing. 

Post by carpetcleaningresources (2015-08-12 03:59)

Tags: Carpet Cleaning Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning Tips

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